about-1Todays’ cars and trucks are expensive. Whether you own a new, restored, antique, custom hot rod, muscle, classic, or sports car, you have a big investment to protect. With regular maintenance the vehicle will run longer, but what about the exterior life? When protected with a “Hugger” cover, the appearance and paint finish will last for years. You need a cover to protect your vehicle against:-

Harmful elements found in our four changing seasons such as acid rains, alkalis, UV rays, ozone agents & dust may damage your vehicle’s appearance. Using a “Hugger” cover will also protect the interior components from harmful UV rays and cracking. Investing in and using a “Hugger” cover is a small price to pay compared to the cost you have invested in your vehicle. Also protects your vehicle against dings, scratches, tree sap, pet claws, bird droppings, balls, bicycles, etc.

Custom Covers

about-2Our custom made to fit “Hugger” covers are hand cut and sewn to follow the contour shape of your vehicle. They are made from our extensive library of patterns covering exact year, make and models. Since our custom covers are tailored to your specifications, they will not move in the wind like universal covers. Universal covers are inexpensive and available almost anywhere, but it is well worth the wait to special order a custom made cover for you to your specifications.