careYour Quality “HUGGER” Cover Will Deliver Years Of Valuable Protection For Your Vehicle. Remember These Helpful Tips:

  1. Cover a CLEAN VEHICLE only. Dust, dirt, and grit between your cover and the finish can cause scratches, swirls, abrasion and dullness. Because all of our fabrics are breathable, your vechicle does not have to be fully dry before you put on the cover.
  2. Put on a CLEAN “HUGGER COVER”. Bringing dirt to a clean vehicle via the cover only increases the odds of damage. Spot cleaning when necessary will minimize this risk.
  3. Take off a clean cover. If your cover has collected dirt, leaves, etc, clean it off before you remove it from your vehicle.
  4. Keep your “HUGGER COVER” off the ground. If your cover should touch the ground, shake it out and make sure it is free of dirt and grit.
  5. Unfold going on, fold up going off. NEVER drag or slide your cover–sideways motion could cause particles of grit to scratch the surface of your vehicle.


Some vehicles may have sharp bumpers, hood ornaments or moldings. You can minimize abrasion and the possibility of tearing the cover by reinforcing the inside of the cover and taking extra care when installing and removing the cover.


If the vehicle has just been driven, be careful not to allow the cover to come in contact with hot exhaust pipes.

Cleaning Instructions

Washing your Hugger Cover is Easy

  1. COTTON COVERS may be washed in cold water in a front loader washer. Air dry ONLY. (Dryer’s may shrink material)
  2. (Covers with colored cotton material and/or/striping combinations may bleed coloring, wash at OWN RISK or dry clean only)
  3. PREMIUM OUTDOOR/MATRIX material can be washed in a commercial Front Loader Washer. DO NOT put in Dryer — Allow to air dry before putting back onto vehicle…DO NOT allow brushes, sponges, or any harsh chemicals to contact the MATERIAL. Use cold Water and small amount of Fantastic type of Cleaner only. Failure to do so will cause leakage. If leakage develops spray the EXTERIOR only with a very very light dusting of Scotchguard or similar water repellent treatment.
  4. Moisture may develop under Premium Outdoor covers as a result of changes in humidity or during heavier rainfalls. This will evaporate through the cover when weather improves.