• Matrix Fabric by Kimberly Clark & Evolution Fabric by Kimberly Clark
  • Micro-porous middle layer
  • UV, acid rain, dust & pollution barrier
  • Water-resistant & breathable
  • Impact absorption discourges dings & dents
  • Soft, paint protecting inner surface
  • Ultra light weight
  • Superior protection against the elements
  • Available in light grey only

Examples below are for estimating of material sizing for pricing only.

Each cover is custom made to “HUGGER fit”, the exact body.

pCF1For vehicles up to 13′ (MGB, TR6, Miata)$319.00
pCF2For vehicles 13′ 1″ to 14′ (Golf, Civic, Impulse)$339.00
pCF3For vehicles 14′ 1″ to 16′ (Corvette, Camaro, Mustang)$359.00
pCF4For vehicles 16′ 1″ to 19′ (Cadillac, Chevelle, Riviera)$379.00
pCF5For vehicles over 19′ in length (Limo’s, Stretches)$399.00

*Extra $$ for larger PU trucks (dually’s, ext & quad cabs, long boxes, lifts, etc.)

  • Prices may vary
  • Prices in Canadian dollars
  • Prices & availability are subject to change