Custom made to fit ‘class B’ RV covers for the following makes:-

  • Winnebago
  • Leisure Vans
  • Great West Vans
  • Pleasureway
  • Sprinter
  • Peak Vans
  • Roadtrek
  • and many other popular camper RV’s.

Cover Features


  • Passenger Side entry door with heavy duty zipper and snap clips standard on all covers


  • Our unique design gives you a 25 foot Tether Line for easy two person installation of the cover without a ladder and a convenient storage pouch is installed on the inside of the cover for the tether line.


  • Heavy Duty Plastic snap clips are used at the back corners for the velcro flap and at the zipper door


  • Back flap of the cover is secured with Velcro Seals to provide a good seal and prevent paint scratching.
  • Also allows easy access if the RV is equiped with a rear door


  • Three tie down loops are installed on each side of the RV and one Centre of the Front and Rear
  • Three tie down shock cords complete with Heavy Duty plastic clips are also included to secure the cover

Hugger Covers Inc. has designed and created a Custom Made to fit Class B – RV Cover. Our covers are made using MATRIX, by Kimberly Clark which makes them lightweight, water-resistant, four season durability and designed for easy installation and removal.

Why A Cover?

Harmful elements found in our four changing seasons such as acid rains, alkalis, UV rays, ozone agents & dust may damage your vehicle’s appearance. Using a “Hugger” cover will also protect the interior components from harmful UV rays and cracking. Investing in and using a “Hugger” cover is a small price to pay compared to the cost you have invested in your vehicle. Also protects your vehicle against dings, scratches, tree sap, pet claws, bird droppings, balls, bicycles, etc.

Premium Fabric

  • Matrix Fabric by Kimberly Clark & Evolution Fabric by Kimberly Clark
  • Micro-Porous Middle Layer
  • UV, Acid Rain, Dust & Pollution Barrier
  • Water Resistant & Breathable
  • Impact Absorption Discourages Dings & Dents
  • Soft, Paint Protecting Inner Surface
  • Ultra Light Weight
  • Superior Protection Against The Elements
  • Available In Light Grey Only

Warranty & Pricing

  • One year on workmanship and 3 years on the fabric
  • Prices in Canadian Dollars
  • Prices & Availability are subject to change

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