Garage Floor Containment Mats


Protect your Investment

Stop damaging moisture and dampness from rusting and corrosion

Garage Floor

Contain all the damaging road salt, winter slush, oil, grease, grime, mud ans snow 

garage floor containment mat 

garage mat

Cover Up

Hide those ugly and unsightly stains and cracks in your existing flooring


Limit all those contaminents to one place

Clean Garage Floor

Ideal to keep Garage Floor clean and free of debris

Easy to Clean

Wet Vac, broom off or squeege anytime

Use any soap and garden hose to clean

garage floor containment mat

Custom Sizes available - Made in our shop in Bolton, Ontario, Canada

About Garage Mats

3 / 4 " Rolled Lip


Roll Lip all the way around keeps fluids and debris on the Mat ---Not your Garage Floor

Angled Corners


Angled Corners for Safety

Black in Color


Easy to install---Just rolled it out

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